Success Has Never Been So Cute!
With Success Based Inu, we're redefining what success looks like—one meme at a time.


We are thrilled to announce an extraordinary milestone in the evolution of digital currency: $SUCCESSINU,
a memecoin synonymous with achievement and growth, is now joining forces with
Coinbase's visionary Masterplan.

This coalition aims to introduce a groundbreaking initiative designed to onboard 1 billion users to the Base, marking a significant leap towards widespread adoption and financial inclusivity.

In a symbolic gesture of commitment to this goal, the total supply of $SUCCESSINU has been meticulously capped at 1 billion coins, embodying our philosophy of 'Success for Everyone.'

This one-to-one correlation underscores our belief in equitable access to digital finance, ensuring that each new member of the Base community is welcomed with their very own piece of SUCCESS.

Join us in this monumental journey towards creating a more inclusive, decentralized future!


Supply: 1 B

Buy/Sell TAX 0%



90% Liquidity, 10% Team & Marketing

Contract address: 0x5dcb6823a1eee7e9d95c2e257be4e97843d7e30d

Your long awaited success in crypto is here!
Just buy and hodl to the moon!

Based Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Success!

Phase 2

  • more success!

Phase 3

  • even more success!

How To Buy

Get MetaMask wallet

Install MetaMask wallet on Chrome or the App Store, and create a new wallet.

Go to and add Base network to MetaMask.

GET some ETH on Base

Buy ETH on Coinbase exchange and deposit into your wallet.


Using Uniswap, swap your ETH for $SUCCESSINU using official token address.


You are now FRENS with Success Based Inu ! Welcome to the pack and enjoy the ride to the moon!

This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Investment: Say 'hello' to Success Based Inu - where the meme life meets your wallet. It's the crypto lovechild of a pumped Success Kid and an ultra-chill Shiba Inu. Ready to ride the meme wave to Valhalla? We thought so.


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